"You're in great company: Billie, Ella, and Helen Humes. They all had soul and so do you. Thank you for changing my universe when you sing."

- Jerry Stiller

"A wonderful singer..!"- Jerry Lewis

"..There's a hint of huskiness, a variable cloudiness, a passing shadow that escalates her sound from merely pretty to intoxicating...Luss' aim is bulls-eye accurate."

- JazzTimes, Christopher Loudon (Review of Sweet and Saxy)

"Sweet and Saxy" is a strong entry in the contemporary jazz-vocal catalog"

New York Times- Nate Chinen

"The lust Luss is able to conjure is hard to resist, as she stands tall and lean among these well-known songs, interpreted with just a dash of sass, a large portion of confidence, a slight vibrato.."

All Music Guide (Review of Sweet and Saxy)

"Luss possesses a unique quality of girlish innocence mixed with savvy maturity. Her enthusiasm is not naiveté. She can tackle a sophisticated songbook, connecting well with the lyrics, understanding the intent of the song, and communicating her feelings. Her delivery is refined, her interpretation unaffected, giving each song the distinct touch it needs...And that band! Luss’s polish and the zip of Person, Burr, Atkinson, Jr. and Weber add up to musical party time. It’s a mutual admiration society, Person’s soulful sax sound expounding on her lyrics and Luss delighting in his cheeky blues improvisations. The second half of the show sizzles when the group goes into exuberant R&B time with Rudy Toombs’s “Teardrops from My Eyes.”Pamela Luss continues to deliver her trademark of honesty, introspection and solid songs."

Live Review (Metropolitan Room) Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes

"One of the finest pure jazz vocalists in the New York City metropolitan area..The beguiling brunette has reached a new high water mark with her latest Savant Records release, Sweet And Saxy..Luss' lush vocals shine throughout, as her takes on "Ain't No Sunshine," "It's Too Late," and "You Belong To Me" manage to erase memories of the original versions to make the songs sound like new compositions."

Bob Smith, Good Times Magazine

"..Ms. Luss sang lustrously on the ballads--I especially liked her encore,'Nice n' Easy,' and the pithy blues 'Baby Don't You Quit Now.'"

Ira Gitler, JazzInside Magazine

"Pamela Luss is one of the top singers in the US both in terms of popularity and merit. Everything about her is first-rate, be it her solid chops, well-endowed voice, or skillful ballad delivery. This album will dramatically increase her visibility in Japan. Luss shows her maturity as a singer by her strong renditions of well-known songs, including Frank Sinatra's hit "Nice 'n Easy," "Don'cha Go Away Mad," a tune made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Withers' R&B hit "Ain't No Sunshine," Carole King's "It's Too Late" and Ruth Brown's "Teardrops From My Eyes." In addition, she has a strong collaborator in Houston Person, who entertained the world as an accompanist for the late Etta Jones. The magical interaction between the warm sound of Person's tenor sax and Luss's expressive singing suggests the birth of a new, splendid partnership."

-Review of "Sweet and Saxy"- Jazz Yell- Japan

"...Miss Luss displays a consistently gorgeous tone throughout the set. No matter what she is singing on, she sounds at home."

- Review of "Sweet and Saxy"- Jazz Inside NY, Cathy Gruenfelder

"Great concept, great vocals, great solos and great evening! Sounding, at times, like a sexy saxophone herself.."

- Live Review of Jazz Standard- Lynne DiMenna, Cabaret Scenes

"Luss's strength lies in delivering a sense of herself..she sings the song, tells the story, and explores new melodic avenues along the way. With her satin-textured voice, she stretches out a phrase or snaps a word for effective emphasis..All together, the song comes shining through with a Pamela Luss point of view, minimalist and honest."

- Live Review of Jazz Standard- Elizabeth Ahlfors,

"...Just when you think we have enough female vocalists and that we need some space before tackling anything new, along comes Luss and shows that there's always room for excellence on the board. Right in the pocket throughout, this is simply some first class entertainment that jaded ears could eat with a spoon."

-Review of "Sweet and Saxy"- Midwest Record, Chris Spector

Sweet and Saxy is the latest release by "Primo Vocalist" Pamela Luss.. Because of her mellow voice, and gorgeous phrasing, Ms. Luss is most impressive on ballads, but this album contains a number of mid-to-up tempo tunes which illustrate that she can sing anything... It will be tough to wait another year for Pamela's next CD!

- Davis Enterprise and other California Papers, Rick Bang

"New York jazz songstress Pamela Luss teams up with notable saxman Houtson Person for an album of smokey, personal soft jazz. Fans of Ella should check this one out."

- Review of "Sweet and Saxy"- Examiner, Dave Knoch

"This album demonstrates increased maturity in comparison to her previous albums and yet still manages to maintain her unpretentious sound. Her silky and very elastic voice allows her to express the feelings of songs, even when there are contrasting moods within a particular number."

- Review of "Sweet and Saxy"- Vento Azul Records- Japan

Singer Pamela Luss is out with her fourth CD, Sweet and Saxy. This time she's joined by tenor-sax legend Houston Person. The marriage is a happy one. Luss' voice has a sincere sheen and coy innocence that's stroked strongly by Person's soulful obligatos and phrasing."

-, Marc Myers

" No matter the job- it's always a pleasure to watch (or listen to) professionals at work- and when it's music like this, and the musicians are this good, it's great fun, too. Pamela Luss has chosen a dozen tunes for this disc that showcase her talent beautifully; that talent being a silky-smooth voice and respect for the lyrics...the best track on the disc is a bluesy take on Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine."

- Review of "Sweet and Saxy"-, Doug Boynton

"Pamela Luss' third CD for Savant is her most rewarding thus far. That is due to an inspired repertoire, her increasingly mature interpretations of lyrics, and an indescribable magic that occurs on most of these selections. Luss is a jazz singer who does not scat, she sticks to the lyrics, and she keeps her improvisations consistently melodic. The improvising is in her placement of notes and in the feeling that she gives to the words. While she at times displays a high voice, particularly during the first few selections of Magnet, at other times she sounds surprisingly comfortable in her lower register. Pianist John DiMartino, who contributed most of the arrangements for this project, is a major asset. The variety, which is emphasized in the arrangements, can be felt in a repertoire that ranges from a heartfelt "Why Did I Choose You" and the ironic "No, Not Much" to the sentimental "Glad To Be Unhappy," a slow ballad version of "Quiet Nights" (with no bossa nova in sight) and a cooking "More." Accompanied by a top-notch rhythm section (with three different bassists taking turns), Pamela Luss is also occasionally joined by a horn player (tenor great Houston Person is on six selections) and takes "No, Not Much" as a vocal duet with Freddy Cole. This well-conceived set is highly recommended."

Review of Magnet - All Music Guide, Scott Yanow

"Another year, and another significant step forward in Pamela Luss' progression toward the upper reaches of contemporary jazz-cabaret singers. Last year, with the release of Your Eyes, she found her emotional core, proving herself an admirably heartfelt balladeer. Now, Luss has learned to swing. Not that this fourteen-track set is lacking in ballads. Indeed, Luss delivers lovely readings of "For All We Know," "Bewitched," "Moon River," "Quiet Nights" and John Lennon's "Imagine," and serves up, in the company of tenor sax master Houston Person (who appeared throughout Your Eyes, and here adds delicious licks to five other tracks), a particularly poignant "Why Did I Choose You?" But it is the upbeat numbers a sunlit "I've Never Been In Love Before," a blissfully satisfied "More," a joyously vibrant reading of the Godspell's anthem "Day by Day" (with Joel Frahm, on soprano, stepping in for Person) and, most enjoyably, a sublime pairing with Freddy Cole on the Four Lads chestnut "No, Not Much" that shine brightest and most strongly point to the sharp, skyward slant of Luss' career trajectory."

Review of Magnet- Jazztimes, Christopher Loudon.

"Vocalist Pamela Luss, with her latest release titled Magnet, has put out a collection that is quite mesmerizing. Luss' voice, sweet and malleable like taffy, can vary in poles from the dramatic and torchy "Bewitched" to the bluesy "I've Never Been In Love Before." Her jazz instincts aren't because of her ability to scat, which she avoids on this recording, contrarily, her needle points to a clever variance in her phrasing of lyrics. There is a flux in her attractive use of timing and usage of the lyrics. The title piece is as electric as pyrite, while her slinky duet with guest Freddy Cole on "No, Not Much" pulses like a meridian current. Tenor saxophonist Houston Person takes some attractive bluesy solos and obligattos throughout Luss' Magnet, particularly on the clever reading of John Lennon's lauded "Imagine." The '60s gospel anthem "Day By Day" is a particularly well conceived idea, and Luss swings it with great sincerity. Pamela Luss proves she is an attractive vocal force with this wonderful Magnet."

Review of Magnet- All About Jazz- George Harris

"I first heard another of Pamela Luss' Savant albums ("Your Eyes") in 2007. I was impressed, and commented that she was beginning her climb to the big time. She has arrived..Luss is much more than a mere "singer;" she's a primo vocalist and a stand-out with groups of any size. Her voice is mellow and excellent, her phrasing exquisite. She can rivet your attention with simple oldies like "Day by Day," "Moon River," or"Quiet Nights," and then grab you by the throat with "For All We Know" and "Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered." You know she's singing them for your ears alone. Longtime music fans, who miss hearing those great vocalists of years past, need not despair; this lady more than fills the need for such music."

Review of Magnet- The Davis Enterprise and other California papers- Rick Bang

"...Luss' vocal instrument is beautiful in itself, cooing and intense, with a kind of steely tenderness that makes "Bewitched" come alive with renewed emotional depths, with perfectly intuitive playing from pianist di Martino. And she is more than capable of fluidly exploring a lyric at quicker tempos. Although Luss proclaims herself a Jazz singer, this is one of those CDs a listener suspicious of stereotypical "Jazz" would embrace. Wonderful liner notes by Ted Panken, casual yet insightful throughout."

Review of Magnet- Cadence Magazine

"The voice pulls you in and awakens a pulsation deep within the vault of yesteryear's memories..Growling with unclassifiable overtones.."

-, Karl Stober

"A full-house welcomed vocalist Pamela Luss as she took the stage at Birdland...Less was more as Firth's gentle approach to the song (I Could Have Told You So) had him holding back‚ barely touching the keys‚ caressing Luss' voice as she sang the lyrics, I could have told you, she'd hurt you. she'd love you a while, then desert you. If only you asked..." Someone pass the tissues. Luss was truly powerful in the simplicity of her interpretation...Pamela Luss may be early in her pursuit of her dream as a jazz vocalist, but her crisp voice, spot-on in- tonation and phrasing, and pure love of the music will be taking her on a long, long journey...and I'm happy to catch her when I can along the way."

CLICK HERE for full review

Live Review of Birdland - JazzImprov's NY Guide, Annie Simmons

"You won't be able to put down this CD once you hear it..."Day By Day" (Schwartz/Tebelak) from the 1971 Off-Broadway show "Godspell" reminds me of Dame Cleo Laineís indelible rendition. Pamela takes it on a swinging jazz ride youíll never forget. The show ran for over 6 years, but Pamela's version here is sure to last much longer...

Her Take on "Moon River" (Mancini/Mercer) can certainly put psychiatrists out of business. Ms. Luss can calm any jittery person into a pleasurable desired calmness." CLICK HERE for full review:

Review of "Magnet" - In-Tune International, Dan Singer

"Pamela Luss is a very special jazz vocalist, whose vocal ability and musical maturity grow with each new release. Pamela has a beautiful way of singing Jazz without getting in the way of the song that is quite refreshing and wonderful!. "Magnet" is positively a top priority playlist CD!"

John Nasshan - Jazz Host - KUNV 91.5fm Las Vegas

"Pamela Luss is just great. She has a beautiful tone and such perfect everything! I want to say this in every day language: I don't think she ever missed a note in her life, More than that, when she sings, I believe what she's saying. That's probably the thing that Sinatra had too."

-Joey Reynolds, WOR, 710 AM

"What's truly wonderful about Pamela Luss is that she has a distinctive sound - her own voice. The pop standards always benefit from a fresh interpretation and Ms. Luss delivers. She uses no gimmicks, just her great diction and respect for the songs she sings. She will win you over time and again whether you listen to her recordings or see her live on stage."

- Michael Anthony, WHPC 90.3 FM

"Magnet is a very musical album with great standards. Pamela Luss has an extraordinary voice. She is the real deal-a true jazz singer!"

Barbara Kaiser, host of "Jazz &... on WRPI- 91.5 FM

Pamela Luss-Magnet...This CD by vocalist Pamela Luss features a yearning mix of 13 standards and one rock classic (Imagine). All of the choices show off Luss' pearly intonation and dramatic vocal chops...The CD's high point for me is Moon River, which has a Simon & Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair-ish arrangement that plays well off the Mancini-Mercer tune. Luss' voice captures the song's child-like innocence and lyrical homage to wanderlust."

-, Marc Myers

Check out what clothing designer Keith Lissner wrote about Pamela. He wrote Pamela's shows at Birdland and Enzo's Jazz Room on Guest of a Guest. CLICK HERE.

"To paraphrase Sammy Cahn, Luss is lovelier the second time around...There's a warmth and soft delicacy to "Your Eyes" that advances Luss from the middle of the contemporary jazz-cabaret vocal pack, placing her squarely behind front runner Jane Monheit. Proving herself equally adept at capturing the exuberant romanticism of "Our Day Will Come", "Wild Is Love", and Brenda Russell's delightfully lustful "Get Here" as the contemplative ache of "Send In the Clowns" and "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, " Luss has indeed found her heart. And, as demonstrated on quite possibly the finest-to-date interpretation of Alan and Marilyn Bergman's 'How Do You Keep The Music Playing?' She knows how to break it with excruciating tenderness."

- Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes- June, 2007

"..Ms. Luss shows that she is a superior jazz singer, whether being sensual on "Baby Don't You Quit Now," finding surprising life in a faster-than-usual "Over the Rainbow," or swinging on "Our Day Will Come."

-Scott Yanow, All Music Guide- 2007

"Pamela Luss is a jazz vocalist to look out for..If each tune is a test to Ms. Luss, she gets an A plus twelve times over..Pamela Luss's Your Eyes is certainly an out of the park home-run..She is a formidable vocalist with many facets and musical ideas to go with each."

Dave Miele, Jazz Improv's NY Guide- May 2007

"Pamela Luss has an interesting voice combining baby doll innocence and sensual sultriness, a cooing sound that can really get under your skin...She is capable of making you believe whatever she sings and making even bland songs sound good."

Cadence Magazine- Phillip McNally- July 2007

"Luscious Pamela Luss, one of New York City's finest jazz singers, is as easy on the ears as she is on the eyes with Your Eyes on the Savant imprint"

Good Times Magazine- May 2007

"Here's a handful of 12 songs masterly delivered by a wonderful singer. In Will Friedwald's knowledgeable and most descriptive liner notes he points out that Pamela has a knack for enhancing and enriching the already familiar music territories that we have loved throughout the years. An example is "Over the Rainbow". Taken at a brief pace, she coos this masterpiece to brand new heights. Then there's the familiar oldie " The Look of Love". Her fresh and springy scat version sounds so brand new. Her flawless "Send in the Clowns" is effortlessly and vibrantly done. Aided by the distinguished tenor saxophone player Houston Person on many songs, Pamela continues to prove that she is a most innovative performer."

Dan Singer, In-Tune International- April 2007

"Pam has a gentle warm voice. She is echoed by the warm sax of Houston Person or Aaron Heick making for a lot of romantic moments. We enjoyed the beauty of her voice on 'How Do You Keep The Music Playing?' a duet with pianist John di Martino..She sings a dozen standards overall, standing in front of the band with clearly articulated lyrics and a stage like voice."

D. Oscar Grromes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter- 2007

" A real gem...Pamela shines on this new record!..I can play these tracks right alongside Frank, Ella and Tony and they add a wonderful contemporary sound to the radio station.

- David Hendrickson- 1420 am The Breeze- WJUB- (about "Your Eyes" )- 2007

"To use one word to describe this CD, "TASTY"...It's hard to beat Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" however I feel Pamela has reached that kind of quality."

- Alan Rock-WUCF FM (about "Your Eyes" )- 2007

"..."Your Eyes" has it all! Pamela Luss is extraordinary...Pamela's sensitivity and understanding of the lyrics are evident.."How Do You Keep The Music Playing?" breathtaking,.."Our Day Will Come"- polished and perfect, "The Look of Love"- nice swing, 100 % quality..."- Timothy Schwer- WMBS- Uniontown, PA.

(about "Your Eyes" )- 2007

"What a great discovery with Pamela Luss! She has a sultry voice reminiscent of Jo Stafford.." -Jeff Gehringer- KSPA (about "Your Eyes" )- 2007

" I should know better than to think every possible "great interpretation" of the standards has been done. Pamela Luss just blows away any such thoughts with her new CD, "Your Eyes". - Jim Parsons- Shake Rattlle Showtime/Story Behind the Song- 21 stations

(about "Your Eyes" )- 2007

"Fittingly, the night began with Another Star by Stevie Wonder. Luss's dead on pitch was evident..Luss sounded beautiful, holding out notes, whispering some notes, and strongly pronouncing others her relaxed vocals danced over the songs..Pamela's groove was sultry and soulful..Pamela Luss will surely wow listeners wherever she goes."

Joe Knipes- Jazz Improv's NY Guide- Live Review- May 2006

"On a Thursday night late set at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola(Jazz at Lincoln Center) in Manhattan, I came across vocalist Pamela Luss...Ms. Luss filled up the one of the finest jazz clubs in New York City for an 11pm set and did not disappoint those who stayed up late...Pamela Luss is one of those voices who takes things in a different direction musically and has the chops to back it up...Luss delivered a beautiful version of "Send in the Clowns." Luss can make you sit and cry right in your drink during her rendition...I left this gig saying I will probably say to myself within a year "I remember seeing Pamela Luss when she was doing the late night sets at Dizzy's. Look at her now!"

Please click here for full review:

James Rosen, Inside Connection- Live Review- Sept 2006

"Pretty enough to be Meadow Soprano's older sister, Pamela Luss has a solid set of pipes and a robustness many less solid singers would envy."

- Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes-2006

READ A REVIEW of Pamela's CD in All About Jazz by Stephen Latessa, click here:

Reprinted with permission. Copyright (c) 2006

"Producer, alto sax and flute player Vincent Herring has come up with a most appealing collection of one dozen songs for Pamela to make her disc debut. She has the vocal similarity of Nancy Willson and Wesla Whitfield while adding much of her very own independent sound..The Gershwins' "Embraceable You" is a real emotional torch sung song. It's bursting with painful dramatic singing..Jobim's "The Waters of March", one of the most difficult songs to sing, is a down and out finger snapping masterpiece...Pamela's future looks bright."

- Dan Singer, In-Tune International-August 2006

"Crisp is the word which comes immediately to mind when first hearing Pamela Luss, and then the deep meaning of interpretation seeps through. This is a talent who knows how to imbue the words with emotion and warmth, an ability not often combined with superb pitch."

- Don Kennedy, the Don Kennedy Show- Big Band Jump(30 stations).

"Just finished listening to the Pamela Luss CD and am totally impressed. What a breath of fresh air...No problem in scheduling airplay for this talent. Pamela is a winner!!!"

- Ben Miller, The Ben Miller Show- National Radio Syndicators, Inc.(117stations).

"Pamela Luss is the real thing! She sings with passion and conviction, and is a welcome addition to the young generation of singers who are keeping the Great American Songbook alive! This marvelous collection deserves to be heard by young and old alike."

- Ron Della Cheisa- Easy 99.1 Fm- WPLM

"...She handles each tune with good phrasing. Not only that..but she allows those musicians a chance to display those classy arrangements. I'm putting a gold star next to her name. "

- Eddie Hubbard- ABC Radio Networks, "Stardust Format"(157 radio stations).

" It's great to see another young artist devoted to the classic standards...It appears she is well on her way to achieving the success that Monheit and Buble have achieved..."

- Dick Carr, WOR Radio Network, Big Bands, Ballads, and Blues(60 stations).

"Pamela Luss is perfect for us..I know our listeners are going to 'listen up' to this new voice..."

- David Allan, WABY, WUAM

"Wow...What a great talent! What a great CD!

- The Joey Renolds Show- # 1 overnight show in the US, WOR-AM

"..This lady has one fantastic voice. It's unusual that one cut after another is a winner, however this is one unusual CD."

- Alan Rock, 88.9- WUCF- FM

"..Pamela has an intriguing voice..this CD is best experienced continuously from start to finish..."

- Ken Clark, Program Director/Morning Show Host- BIG WRIG 1390 AM

"Pamela Luss, like Jane Monheit, Diana Krall and Michael Buble, is part of a new generation of vocalists with a passion for beautiful songs and the ability to bring them to life." Vincent Herring

"As far as Jazz vocalists go... I've never heard anyone like her!" Jeremy Pelt

"Pamela Luss's singing shines bright with a new enthusiasm that of a kid who has discovered his/herself for the first time. It is good to see someone with that look in their eyes toward their craft... So all I can say is watch out for her she is already here."

Greg Hutchinson

"Here is a voice you will never forget!! Her singing is so special...She has beautiful, sexy, sultry tones and her unique style is untouchable...Pamela is a very serious and hardworking artist and I have much respect for her work... What an interesting and unique new approach to a potpourri of great songs with refreshing arrangements!!!"

-Paulette McWilliams



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